Dear Moms Who Start Christmas Before Thanksgiving…

I totally get you now.

In the past, I’ve rolled my eyes at your early Christmas decorations, shopping, baking, and the festive (annoying) music you dared to play in November.

All I wanted was for Thanksgiving to have its own hurrah, untainted by Jingle Bell Rock. Is that so much to ask?

But now, I apologize.

I finally understand why you do it…

Because now, I’m that mom.


I used to have all the time in the world to devote to celebrating the proper holiday at the proper time. But life with little kids is a bit different (understatement of the century).

Things that used to take 5 minutes now take an hour. Things that used to take an hour now require a week.

So when it comes to something that used to take a MONTH (like celebrating Christmas) it’s nothing short of AMAZING that I can squeeze that into two months, with little kids pulling on my pant legs.

That means starting in November.


If everyone knew the amount of time, patience, caffeine and sheer will-power it took to decorate the Christmas tree this year at my house, they’d understand why I want to be able to enjoy it a while before tearing it down again a couple weeks later.

Also, my toddler learned what Christmas was in September. He’s been begging to do Christmas things FOR. TWO. MONTHS. Please, for the love of all that’s good in the world, just let me put up my “Koo-kwiss twee” already so I can get through this.

So, here’s hoping the rest of the world can forgive us. Maybe a year will come (many years from now) when Thanksgiving leisurely comes first, at its rightful and glorious time. We’ll save our Christmas preparations for later, and we’ll get it all done in one quiet afternoon in early December. Maybe the kids will even pitch in and help, and no one will cry or wet themselves about it.

But this is not that year.

And that’s okay.



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